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Settlement, learning-site & incubator
for ecosystem-regeneration.

Quality of life

Eco-friendly Co-housing in nature, access to regenerative food, communal spaces and meaningful activities.

Global incubator for regeneration

A land-base learning-site for people from all over the world to come, learn, get inspired and share knowledge with each other.

A symbiotic ecosystem of enterprises

A place for people to experiment and implement their own regenerative enterprises in symbiosis with each other.

A place for the New to be born.

This is a place where we can experiment with different forms of productions, producing locally for our needs while regenerating our ecosystems, creating symbiotic relationships and local economies. 

This is a place for people to come and learn by doing but also a place for people to implement and experiment with their own

This place serves as a "support-framework", where each person can create its own creative space. 
We aim to create "win-win"/symbiotic relationships and a circular economy,
by creating personalized agreements between people and the learning-site, where people can ask for what they need as well as what they will give back in return to the ecosystem. You may ask for and access support & resources as land, knowledge, network and/or other resources that may help you to create/experiment with your own enterprise. 

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