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Community incubator village for ecosystem regeneration.

The Vision
Quality of life
quality of life

Eco-friendly Co-housing, access to regenerative food, communal spaces & meaningful work-opportunities.

Experimental playground
regenerative communities

learn, teach and experiment with projects and enterprises leading to  regenerative societies.

An ecosystem of entrepreneurs & enterprises
circular economies

Get the resources you need to grow your enterprise and give back what you can based on agreements.  

You want to start the journey?
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About the place

Our place is located in the outskirts of a little village in the middle part of Sweden.

Its an old farming village where the first house was build year 1756. 

In the early days the people here were living of the land working with farming and in the forest.

At most 300-400 hundred people lived in this area. 

In the 60´s people started to abandon the countryside and moved in to the cities to find better paid jobs and working-conditions. 

Today there are at most 60 people living in this area, spread out over the 3 villages.

Our place is a 30 HA land with both clear-cut and forest.

It is surrounded by forests & lakes.

There are plenty of moose and wild fish in the area.

The vegetation in the forest is mostly replanted spruce that forest companies usually clear-cuts after 80-120 years.

Regeneration of ecosystem, economies & communities

We want to create and nurture an ecosystem of entrepreneurs, working in symbiosis with each-other on enterprises leading to ecosystem regeneration, community and stronger circular economies.

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