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Meet the Team

Durukan dudu

Anna Fundin

Co-f0under RegenHive Jämtland

3 years ago I found Regenerative agriculture and started my journey as an entrepreneur.
Before that I have been on a journey of self-discovery with alot of interest in mindfulness, yoga, trauma/embodymentwork and personal transformation.

My biggest interest lies in creating an ecosystem of  "regenerators" with different roles and skillsets, to create a new system and a new way of life.

Durukan Dudu

F0under of RegenHive

Born and raised in loving complexity. Social/regenerative entrepreneur, initiator, horizon hunter & enabler. Want to contribute to the creation of the "new", the Age of Regeneration

Ute bock

Ute bock

Catalyst, Gardener, Network Weaver – Lugano, CH​

I am businesswomen, experienced executive and facilitator in global settings.

Regeneration and Re Invention let me thrive.

My passions are travel, storytelling and my ongoing learning journey.


anatolian grasslands
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