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Previous projects


Regenerative forest management in Sw3eden.

Land management of 100 HA, for soil regeneration, biodiversity, carbon sequestration and water retention.

The project was implemented to learn about the ecological, social and financial impact of herding goats with holistic planned grazing.

Bio-Region, Sweden

Learningnetworks for restauration of our landscapes.

In co-operation with Ashoka Netherlands, Commonland and presencing institute we explored the current situation and what is possible within this region when it comes to thriving communities, restoration of eco-systems & local economies.  for Phase 1 (2022)

Image by marco forno
Holistic management,
Mongolian steppes

Restoration of grasslands

Training & support in holistic management for Mongolian herders. 

On a mission by Savory Institute & in cooperation with ADRA International.

Holistic management, Israeli kibbutz

Design & implementation of consultancy on Holistic Management, in a 2000 ha ranch of the kibbutz in Golan Heights.
- Holistic Decision Making- Framework

- Holistic Land-Planning

- Holistic Planned Grazing

Image by Nighthawk Shoots
Image by Sparks  Johnson

Regenerative farming, Egypt

Design and implementation of consultancy & management for a 200 ha farm owned by CEMEX. 

- On-site team building & decision making procedures

- Savanna-type permanent grazing & poultry operation initiated

- Infrastructure designed & upgraded

Various training's and seminars for young people

Introducing the concept of and various opportunities within regenerative landmanagement, communitybuilding and local economies for young people.

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