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Previous projects

Holistic and regenerative forest management, Sweden

Regeneration of forest

Summer 2022 we managed a 100 goats on a 100 HA land to learn about the ecological, social and financial impact.

regenerative grazing with goats

Bio-Region, Europe

Learning network

On a mission of Ashoka & Commonland, we are a part of a European learning network where we explore ways forward in regeneration of ecosystems, communities and economies.

regenerative communities
Holistic management,
Mongolian steppes

Restoration of grasslands

Training & support in holistic management for Mongolian herders. 

On a mission by Savory Institute & in cooperation with ADRA International.

land management

Holistic management, Israeli kibbutz

Design & implementation of consultancy on Holistic Management, in a 2000 ha ranch of the kibbutz in Golan Heights.
- Holistic Decision Making- Framework

- Holistic Land-Planning

- Holistic Planned Grazing

regenerative land management

Regenerative farming, Egypt

Design and implementation of consultancy & management for a 200 ha farm owned by CEMEX. 

- On-site team building & decision making procedures

- Savanna-type permanent grazing & poultry operation initiated

- Infrastructure designed & upgraded

regenerative land management
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